Geologic History

Tri-Cities, WA, at the Bottom of Lake Lewis

Tri-Cities, WA, at the Bottom of Lake Lewis

Basalt flows and ice-age floods shaped the predominant geologic features of the Columbia River Basin. Incorporate this heritage into your garden with basalt columns, paths of basalt gravel, and other garden features made of basalt, flood-tumbled rock, and ice-rafted erratics.

Visit the Lake Lewis Chapter of the Ice Age Floods Institute.


Indigenous Peoples

The tribes have inhabited the Columbia River watershed for thousands of years, utilizing its plant and animal resources.  Incorporate the ethnobotany of the tribes into your Heritage Garden by including plants used for food, shelter and medicine.

Explorers and Botanists

Our native plants have been systematically collected and documented since the beginning of the 17th century. Glimpse into this history and you will find the people and places associated with the plants and the wildlife in your Heritage Garden: Explorers and Botanists. Recognizing these individuals and their stories enriches our appreciation of the heritage we bring into our gardens.

Flora & Fauna

Include flora that are native to our area.  Select plants and other features such as water sources that will provide food and shelter for birds, butterflies and more.