You are invited to display your commitment to water-smart landscaping and your appreciation of our natural and cultural heritage by certifying your garden as a Heritage Garden.

Use the certification checklist to document relevant features of your garden. We will use this information in conjunction with a visit to your property to evaluate your garden for certification. 

Basic Requirements of a Heritage Garden

Plant Species

HG sign.jpg
  • At least five different species of plants

  • At least two species having wildlife value

  • At least one species of cultural significance

Plant Population

  • 75% or more native to Washington State

  • 30% or more require less than 10" water annually

  • No more than 10% require in excess of 30" water annually

Geologic Features

  • At least one

Weed Control

  • Weeds are being managed

  • Does not contain any prohibited plants (we will help you identify prohibited plants and provide advice on their control)

Once certified, you will receive a yard sign to show off your accomplishment.