Changing your landscape involves committing your time and financial resources.  We recommend the following steps as you research whether a Heritage Garden is right for you.

  • Visit existing gardens - take a virtual tour as provided here or visit one in person.  Its important to determine whether you like the look and feel of a low water-use landscape. Keep in mind Heritage Gardens can take on many different looks depending on the plants and materials you select.
  • Research the plants - most native plants that we recommend are readily available from native plant nurseries but you are going to have to do some research to determine what plants you like.
  • Determine your gardening aesthetic - do you like lots of rock mulch or do you prefer a more informal look to your garden where plants are planted into the soil and allowed to re-seed.  
  • Consider the amount of time and financial resources you are willing to expend - Heritage Gardens can be fairly low maintenance but they are by no means no maintenance landscapes.  Thinking about how much time and money you want to expend on your landscape up front will help determine the type of garden that is right for you.

Prospective Heritage Gardeners

Congratulations!  You have done your research, you are inspired and you are ready for the next step!  Below is information on how we can help you make your Heritage Garden a reality.

Site Visits

The Conservation Districts in partnership with Native Plant Society members are available to conduct free site visits.  During the site visit we will walk your property with you and discuss your plans for creating a Heritage Garden.  We will look at your soil, irrigation system (if applicable) and existing site conditions that influence the selection of plants that will do well in your garden.  We will help you determine what type of garden best suites the time and financial resources that you have available.  


Based on your site conditions and your gardening aesthetic we will develop a custom plant list for your proposed Heritage Garden.  The plant list will include information on the specific plants we recommend, their water requirements, growth habits and other helpful information.  In addition, based on our site visit we will also provide you with helpful step by step instructions on how to proceed with your project.  Information on weed control, the best time to plant and information on where you can find vendors that have the expertise and resources you need.  

Construction Consultations

If you are the DIY type and you need instruction on how to properly plant, water and maintain your Heritage Garden we can help.  If you plan on hiring a landscape company we are available to review proposed landscape plans.  

Certified Heritage Gardeners

Gardens that meet the minimum requirements in the Certification Checklist are designated as Heritage Gardens.  Heritage Gardens are honored as outlined below:

To Celebrate Your Achievement

  • you will receive a yard sign 
  • pictures of your garden will be posted on the Tour Heritage Gardens webpage (with your permission)
  • an announcement of your accomplishment will be posted on the Heritage Garden Facebook Page (with your permission)

Ongoing Consultation & Sharing

  • continued advice and consultation upon request
  • sharing of photos, and lessons learned from Heritage Gardeners thru Facebook and this website