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Heritage Gardens

Native Plant Education - Sustainable Landscaping - Honoring Regional Heritage


Welcome to the Heritage Garden Program's website. This program is dedicated to creating water-wise landscapes and gardens that incorporate native plants of Washington State. Heritage Gardens also honor the unique natural and cultural features of the Columbia River Basin. 

Here we explain how to create and maintain your own Heritage Garden and how to achieve certification to show off your efforts and dedication to using our resources wisely. Each participating county has a Heritage Garden Representative who will assist you through the process. 

While visiting our website, be sure to go to "Tour Gardens" where you will find image galleries of our many private gardens. Each garden is a unique expression of inspiration and personal preferences of the property owner. Tired of sitting at your computer? Visit one of the Heritage Gardens that are accessible to the public.

of the Columbia River Basin

Glimpse Into a Few of Our Heritage Gardens
See Many More Under "Tour Gardens"