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Donna Lucas

Co-Creator, Heritage Garden Program

Donna Lucas is Co-Creator of the Heritage Garden Program. In 2020 she co-authored with Heather Wendt the book, Plant Selection Guide, Heritage Gardens of the Columbia River Basin. She has been a member of the Columbia Basin Chapter of the Washington Native Plant Society since 2003, including past service on the chapter's board, and has worked as a consultant for the Benton Conservation District.


Presently Donna is a primary caretaker of the Heritage Garden in Hansen Park. In 2020 she started an iNaturalist project in this garden to study the garden's biodiversity to better understand the importance of native plant gardens in urban settings. This study continues with the assistance of fellow gardener, Lisa Hill. 

Donna is a lifelong advocate of stewardship of our natural resources, a dedication that started with a childhood spent on a wooded farm in the Midwest and has continued since relocating to the Columbia Basin. 

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