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Original Planting Plan
Hansen Park Heritage Garden

Described here is the garden's original planting plan implemented in the spring of 2018. Although the garden has changed some with time, many of the themes and original plant species remain. Click on the buttons within the map or scroll down this page to see the original planting plans for the different areas and beds at the Hansen Park Heritage Garden.​


City of Kennewick's Logo

The central portion of the garden north of the main path is derived from the City's logo. The sun rising over a strip of green creates rays in the colors of the rainbow. Clouds are to the right and left of the rainbow.

Lewis & Clark

Plants Noted in Lewis' Journal

The south side of the garden features plants that were noted by Meriwether Lewis during the Lewis & Clark Expedition.

Along the Dry Stream Bed

East of the Dry Stream Bed

Entrance Gardens

Classic Heritage Gardens

West Entrance

East Entrance

Northwest Corner

Butterfly Bed

Cactus Bed

Buckwheat Bed

Sand-Loving Bed

Structural Plants

Drought-Tolerant Herbs

Hachita Blue Grama Grass

Blue Grama Grass Hachita (Bouteloua gracilis) is a drought tolerant, low maintenance native grass from the Great Plains. It grows to a height of 4-12", including its "eyelash-like" seed heads. Mowing is optional.

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